OBD Car Tracker Plug & Play GPS Tracking Device

Car tracking has become the allegation of the hour, and car owners absolutely wish their car to be safe. When humans attending for these devices, there are lots of options accessible in the market. This is not about the brand, but the assorted categories options can abode one in a dilemma. Here is a abundant description of the types of trackers accessible in the market, and appropriately you can accept as per your needs and convenience.

There are 3 types of trackers accessible in the market.

• Hardwired

• Carriageable


Hardwired Trackers

This affectionate of GPS trackers is for ecology a individual vehicle. These are mostly acclimated in the cars of beforehand than 1996 area the OBD II ports were missing. It is adopted for the car owners who wish to adumbrate the accession for greater security. The electrical arrangement of the car is acclimated for power, and there is no allegation to allegation the accessory manually.

Portable Devices

These are absolute for individuals to use on their cars, and who biking added frequently. This is a absolute time tracker that caters to the allegation of abounding users. These are avant-garde devices, and the accessories are included in the amalgamation like a micro USB cable, braiding and waterproof case.

OBD Bung and Play Chargers

This is a absolute best for tracking not alone a individual car but a agile of vehicles. Using the OBD car tracker has lots of advantages for the users.

• The accession is simple, and it takes alone a few seconds, say about 30 to 45 seconds.

• The bung and play absolute time tracking accessory can be adapted to the OBD II anchorage of the car’s dashboard.

• There is no allegation to allegation this accessory manually.

• Telematics is captured immediately, and the aforementioned is abreast to the agile owner. This helps the owners to ensure that the car is safe, and out of troubles.

• Any abusage of cars will be notified with no delays to the users.

Apart from these advantages, abounding appearance are adorable about the OBD bung and play tracking device.

• The operating costs are reduced, as the beeline routes can be chosen.

• The company’s abundance can be added as the employer can consistently baby-sit if the advisers are misusing the vehicles.

• The cars can be finer monitored annular the clock, and the money extenuative is fabricated easy, as ammunition burning is lowered.

• With the OBD car tracking device the car appliance is maximized.

• The acreage agents can be managed with ease, and antidotal accomplishments wherever and whenever appropriate can be taken.

• Route planning can be done with ease.

• The exact area of the car can be traced at any accustomed point of time.

• Dispatch inaccuracies can never happen, as the cars can be tracked for all affidavit abaft the delay.

• Administration annual is individual and managing the aforementioned is simple and non-complicated.


Finding the appropriate OBD anchorage is a must, and for a few vehicles, these may not be compatible. But compared with the downsides of the hardwired accessories which cover the claim of an auto electrician to fix the device, and the accessory getting not portable, the disadvantages of the bung and play accessories are negligible.